Assignment 1

Due Monday, September 25.

Two sketches.   (on separate 8-1/2 x 11 sheets)
                (bold enough to video)
                (hand in at end of class).

One "handle", one "button" that you "like".
Come prepared to discuss your choices.

"handle" - any continuous control
"button" - any discrete control

Pay attention to all the ways that you interact with the world and ask
whether they are more button-like or handle-like.  Which do you prefer?
Does it depend on the task?  How?

Describe real controls that you have used or seen others use. Show either
"good" or "bad" examples; think about what the differences are. Try to
sketch the user and how they interact -- even indicating motion. You might
try to include some of the context of where and what is being controlled.

CS 377A: HCI Technology
Stanford University, Fall99 
CS 436: HCI Technology
Princeton University, Fall99