Assignment 2

Due Monday, October 4.  (STANFORD ONLY)

Via e-mail and/or paper.

1. LAB AND LECTURE REFLECTIONS - no more than one page of text.

Thinking of this year's students as your audience:  Describe the main
points of this week's lectures.  How do they relate to what you are looking
for in the course?  Were there any new insights you gained?  Have you
followed any of the references or found any reading to be of interest?

Thinking of next year's students as your audience:  Briefly describe the
lab procedures and what kinds of results you got.  What's the point of the
lab?  Did you learn anything?  Were there any problems?  How would you
avoid them in the future?

2. INVENTION SKETCH - forced association.

Work with your lab partner to come up with a sketch of some two-handed or
two-person interface.  Try combining some observation of existing
two-handed use (e.g. tennis serve) with some application (e.g. a paint
program).  Start with listing ten or twenty examples of two-handed actions;
then list ten or twenty applications.  Pick one from column A and one from
column B and see if you can force them together.  There are no rules for
how they might go together -- be liberal in what they might suggest.  (If
this is how you did it, include your lists.)  Make a one-page poster of
someone using your invention; share it with the rest of the class, Monday,
October 4.


Addendum to STANFORD Projects Page:

For Fall 1999, we would like you to focus on two-handed or two-person


CS 377A: HCI Technology
Stanford University, Fall99 
CS 436: HCI Technology
Princeton University, Fall99