Assignment 3

Due Monday, October 18.  (STANFORD ONLY)

Via e-mail and/or paper.

1. LECTURE REFLECTIONS - as last week- no more than one page of

Thinking of this year's students as your audience:  Describe the main
points of this week's lectures.  How do they relate to what you are
looking for in the course?  Were there any new insights you gained?
Have you followed any of the references or found any reading to be of

Thinking of next year's students as your audience:  Briefly describe the
lab procedures and what kinds of results you got.  What's the point of
the lab?  Did you learn anything?  Were there any problems?  How would
you avoid them in the future?

2. INVENTION BACKGROUND RESEARCH - forced association.

Work with your lab partner to take the Invention sketch and work out (in
a sketch or in text ) which technology you would use to implement the

With the knowledge of what the task is and which employed technology try
to find reuse the the two online services HCI Bibliography and the
IBM Patent Database for research. 

Try to find in this way related ideas and implementation technologies.
(You should keep a bookmark list the relevant material which you find)
Restrict your searching to half and our, and select the best findings
for a short write up or sketch. Did this way of information gathering
help you ?

Readings this week:

Electronic Music Interfaces Joseph Paradiso

Frustrating the User on purpose Jocelyn Riseberg   

A Multiple Device approach for Supporting Whiteboard-based Interaction Jun Rekimoto


CS 377A: HCI Technology
Stanford University, Fall99 
CS 436: HCI Technology
Princeton University, Fall99